Hawksmoor at Home

"Hawksmoor At Home is a bible of the new beef cookery." Stella Magazine
"Recreate the wonders of London’s best steakhouse with the ‘Hawksmoor At Home’ cookbook." Evening Standard
"Satisfyingly meaty cookbook by the sacred cow specialists." GQ
"The book is really usable, with hearty, full-of-flavour recipes: the mac and cheese one has a beef shin stuck in it and is the best thing you can ever eat." Paul A Young - The Independent on Sunday
"Hawksmoor At Home is not just a cookery book. It’s history book, instruction manual and love letter rolled into one." Foodepedia
"Meat, seafood, breakfast and brunch and some killer sides are all covered in this hearty, carnivore-friendly book from one of London’s leading steakhouses." Restaurant Magazine
"This sexy cook book is stunningly designed, with whimsical illustrations and historical texts all interspersed with good enough to eat photos." Fork Magazine
"Hawksmoor at Home is a practical cookbook which offers great advice on how to buy and cook great steaks, mix fabulous cocktails and choose the perfect wine to accompany your meal." Caterer and Hotelkeeper
"Hawksmoor at Home - Steak Lovers in London have never had it so good, and for those wishing to satisfy their carnivorous craving at home, the Hawksmoor boys have the answer." Square Meal