The Rest

"There's nowhere else that combines food of this freshness and quality with drinks of this calibre. For a pleasant, fun night out that won't break the bank it's hard to think of anywhere preferable." GQ
"Hawksmoor is friendly, fun, professional and distinctly unposey. A delight." Time Out
"A fine, honest, decent place, and I will be going again." Giles Coren, The Times
"British steak supremo Hawksmoor is also one of the best Bring-Your-Own bottle restaurants in London." Evening Standard
"My Tamworth ribs were truly the best ribs I had ever had."
"The sticky toffee pudding was so very good. So good that with a bit of hype, it might even become legendary."
"I started with rich and yieldingly tender Tamworth pork belly ribs. The flavours of the ribs' spice treatment harmonises synergistically with the luxuriant pork character to result in a preposterously pleasurable entity of gustatory wonder."
"I should mention the wine list, which is one of the best I have seen in London. It is such a pleasure to see good wines priced in a way that does not make your eyes water when you order."
"We don't need much persuasion to eat at Hawksmoor, but their bring-your-own Mondays makes the cool Shoreditch steakhouse more attractive than ever." Evening Standard
"Amongst the best chips in London." Time Out
"The best steaks this side of the pond. I am in love. I also became strangely emotional over the crunchy, multiple cooked chips and some homemade tomato ketchup of sweet, smoky tomatoeyness." City AM
"Brilliant, man-sized steaks, truly award-winning chips, and cocktails that are the real thing." Hardens