The Worshipful League of Financial Professionals Steak Munchers

The Worshipful League of Financial Professionals Steak Munchers is an eclectic society for lovers of heartily (and messily) consuming red meat whilst discussing such varied topics as the current applicability of the economic theorem of Keynes v Hayak, to who will win the Premier league, to enacting various concepts outlined in the urban dictionary.

Founded in 2012 by handsome and dashing Insurance Fellow, known as ‘Mr O’, accounting prodigy ‘Miss Cockapoo’ and the Mexican patriot ‘El Feo Hombre’, and currently featuring 3 quorum members, the munching sessions are held every 3 months at Hawksmoor Guildhall.

Members are able to bring a maximum of 3 guests each to any meeting. After a guest has attended 3 sessions, they can petition to become a member. The society’s aphorism is ‘first you eat the steak, then you get the power, then you get the high blood pressure.’