Hawksmoor x Fords Gin Martini & Oyster Tour

Hawksmoor x Fords Gin Martini & Oyster Tour


21st June (5-7pm): Air Street

28th June (5-7pm): Guildhall

5th July (5-7pm): Manchester

12th July (5-7pm): Liverpool

19th July (5-7pm): Knightsbridge

26th July (5-7pm): The Lowback

A loyal tipple all year round, the Martini really comes into its own as a cooling tonic in the blistering heat of summer. Is it a coincidence that the world celebrates it a few days before the longest day of the year? Perhaps. But the opportunists in us felt it befitting to mark the occasion, with not one, not two, not three but 5 events, joining forces with great friends of ours at Fords Gin. To complete the line up we’ll also be shucking the briny snack du jour – the humble oyster. Just order a martini and a pair of the freshest, sustainably-sourced oysters is on us.  

Our bars are reserved for walk-ins, so there is no need to book ahead of time, just pop the date in your diary.

However, if you would like to stay for dinner best to book a table.