Highballs & Fizzes

Falling Water Spritz11.00
Campari, Raspberry Eaude-Vie, Prosecco, SodaLight, bitter, bright.
With a fruit-bomb eaude-vie made with 30 kilos of freshly-picked raspberries per litre.
Le Crunch 7512.00
Somerset Cider Brandy, Normandy Apple Aperitif, Champagne
Anglo-French apples-tobooze alchemy, refreshed with champagne.
Moscato Bellini12.00
White peach, Campari, Moscato, Prosecco
A lightly bitter take on the delicate Venetian favourite. With a hit of floral sparkling moscato.
Ginza Highball12.00
Johnnie Walker black label, Apple, Lemon Verbena, Soda, Tokyo gold.
A liquid hymn to Ginza’s old school cocktail bars where white-jacketed bartenders have long mixed highballs with painstaking precision. Refreshing, delicate, moreish.
Sour-Cherry Negroni12.00
Tanqueray Gin, Campari, Martini Rubino, Sour Cherry
Using the best of the short-lived British cherry season by fusing it into the quintessential Italian aperitif.