Cocktails & Dreams

Reformed Pornstar15.00
Absolute Elyx, Passionfruit, Jasmine Tea, Champagne
In an unlikely turn of events the Pornstar Martini, that pinnacle of sweet, silly London excess, here meets the 17th Century clarified milk punch.
Double Melon Daiquiri13.00
Havana Club 3.0 Y.O, Cantaloupe, Rose wine, Sour Watermelon
Nothing screams holiday to us like a cool wedge of cantaloupe melon. Brought to you here with extra sunshine courtesy of rum, rosé wine and a tart watermelon cordial.
Amaro Corretto12.50
Amaro, Seven Tails XO, Creature Coffee Espresso, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Icy, bright, clean.
This ‘little unknotter’ gives our popular Grapefruit Picador the Venetian slushy treatment.
Back Burner13.50
Dangerous Don Mezcal, El Tequileno Tequila, Jalapeño, Pineapple Soda
We’ve spent almost two years working on the perfect spicy margarita and this is the result. Intense jalapeno and pineapple are more than a match for the smoky mezcal.
Apple Martini13.00
Virtuous Vodka,Apple & Pear Eaux De Vies, Green Apple Acid, Lillet Blanc
Inspired by a Scrubs bar call: “Appletini, please.
Easy on the ‘tini.” For us that means clean, crisp and no fluorescent green stuff.