A final 2020 update…

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to thank you for your support in this most difficult of years.

When we wrote to you on 17th March we had no inkling of the scale of the task and the length of the journey ahead of us.  On reflection it has been a defining period in our personal and professional lives. We started the year building a restaurant in New York and frantically getting ready for opening night and we finish it having mothballed that restaurant and opened and closed our 8 restaurants in the UK with staggering (and slightly depressing) regularity. We’ve had very difficult moments, but we’ve also had so many uplifting moments as well, many of which have come from you.

When we have been allowed to open we’ve been busier than we could have hoped for. Restaurants without people are very sad things indeed.  You brought them back to life and helped support the many passionate people who rear, grow, fish, make, bake and brew the produce we use; our behind-the-scenes friends and family that we’ve grown up with over the years and who are as integral to Hawksmoor as anyone.

Thank you for the incredible kindness you’ve show to the people who work at Hawksmoor, through the many moving emails you’ve sent us and the words of kindness and concern when you’ve come in.  And thank you for embracing Hawksmoor at Home with all your usual enthusiasm.  We’ve been amazed to see it grow from a vague idea in June to something that has enabled many of our staff to keep working and kept some money flowing to our suppliers during their darkest hours.

Hawksmoor doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  We are what we are because of our suppliers and, in particular, the amazing people who’ve joined us along the way.  We’re proud that this year we’ve been able to continue to support our suppliers and do the best possible job we can for hundreds of people who work at Hawksmoor.  In turn they’ve helped us support others.  Since March we’ve cooked tens of thousands of meals to help eight different charities across the UK.  We’ve also donated tens of thousands of pounds to help them reach as many people as possible, and during Lockdown 1.0 (which feels like a lifetime ago) we kickstarted Today’s Special which raised a quarter of a million pounds in a few short weeks.

All of which has only been possible because of your support.  So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

As every government announcement has borne bad tidings for London, Manchester and Edinburgh for many weeks now, we’ve seen a groundswell of vocal demand for even more Hawksmoor at Home boxes on top of the thousands we’ve sent out this December. We are very sorry we haven’t been able to make everyone happy, as we so dearly wanted to do.  We are already working on January boxes full of steak, wine and cocktails, because who can bear the idea of dry Veganuary in a week or so’s time?

Whenever we are allowed to reopen, we will be back.  In January we will start planning the reopening of the restaurants that are closed, whenever that may be.  We will do so with renewed energy and passion in the knowledge that you will be there to support us again when that day comes

In the meantime, we hope that even in this darkest of years you manage to have a wonderful Christmas or break with your family, and here’s to light at the end of the tunnel and an altogether happier 2021.

Will & Huw Signature