An update on our restaurants…

23rd September 2020

A mere 8 days after we finally got our 8th and final restaurant re-open we find ourselves writing to you, as we have a few times since March, to update you on Hawksmoor and how we are planning to adjust to the latest set of regulations (short version: it doesn’t change much for you, we will be in touch with all customers who have a booking after 8pm to make sure we deliver experience you know and love, and we will make sure Hawksmoor at Home is available in higher quantities).

This is not the place for commentary about whether data supports the curfews imposed on hospitality, the potential efficacy of the new restrictions or the ethical decisions that weigh up lives, livelihoods and quality of life.  Those discussions are happening elsewhere, and we contribute to those from time to time – our views are not hard to find on social media or in the press. 

What we might say in passing is that the hospitality industry has made a Herculean effort to adjust to becoming Covid-secure, and Hawksmoor has, we believe, done as much as anyone.  We have discussed it before so won’t repeat ourselves (although you can read more here), but suffice it to say one of our favourite bits of feedback on our efforts was the person who said, “I feel safer in here than I do out there”. 

We are still here for you, albeit with some adjustments.  We do so not for financial reasons (because you can be sure things just got a lot worse on that front) but because we want to continue to offer meaningful employment to as many of the wonderful people that work here as we can, and because restaurants stand as one of the last places in which we can still nourish our souls and spend time with the people we love, forgetting for a short while the state of the world outside our doors. 

And that is the other bit of feedback we have heard loud and clear from so many of you: “thank you for making everything feel so normal”. Because safety and normality are the most comforting feelings we can all have at the moment.

So we adjust and hope that you will adjust with us.  We will try and make it easier for you to enjoy a meal and a moment of respite during the hours we’re allowed to open, we will work on making Hawksmoor at Home available to those of you who cannot or do not wish to visit the restaurants, and although we will have to put a few new things on hold (like the lunch menu we were about to launch … watch out for it in the future, it’s a doozy …), we will put all our focus into the people who work here and into making sure the food, drink, service and hospitality you get in our restaurants is as good as it’s ever been.

All restaurants will close at 10pm and the last available booking time will be 9pm Monday – Saturday and 8pm on Sundays.