Eat Out to Help Out

29th July 2020: This promotion ended on 31st August.

The best steak and chips for £10?

We admit there may be *a little* subjectivity in that statement. We are biased – for over 15 years we’ve been talking to experts, reading extensively and working with farmers to get our hands on a consistent supply of top-shelf beef from cattle that have been ethically reared in this country. We believe that animal welfare, sustainable farming and supporting independent farmers are not just the right thing to do – they’re as close as you can get to a guarantee of great tasting steaks. The best? We think so, but you don’t have to take our word for it…

“Hawksmoor sometimes seems less a restaurant than a meat-worshipping cult, such are the levels of devotion its weighty, dry-aged, charcoal-grilled beef inspires.”
Time Out

“Flawless. The best steak you’ll find anywhere.”
Giles Coren, The Times

“As Homer Simpson might say, mmmnmnhrhmm…”
Marina O’Loughlin, Sunday Times

What isn’t up for debate is the price.  As part of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme that’s trying to help restaurants get back on their feet you’ll be able to get The Best Steak & Chips in Britain for just £10.

We’ve taken 300g of 35-day dry-aged rump steak, added chips and a sauce of your choice, all of which would usually cost about £30, which we’ve reduced to £20. With the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, everyone who orders it will get 50% off.

Available Monday to Wednesday, 3rd-31st August, at all Hawksmoor restaurants that are open.


£5 corkage also continues every Monday… That means you can enjoy a bottle of wine from home & enjoy the Best Steak & Chips in Britain for £15?!

The Eat Out to Help Out discount (50% off food up to £10) is also available on the full menu (so you could have cut-price chateaubriand or lobster instead).