Hawksmoor London Update: Tier 2

15th October 2020

Following the news that as of Saturday London will be in Tier 2 (which effectively adds no household mixing to our list of restrictions) we are getting in touch to let you know what that means for our 6 London restaurants and for you.

The good news is that we’ve already been dealing with more or less identical restrictions in Manchester since July, and although we understand that they are likely to affect how you use restaurants, the last two months have taught us that the restaurant experience is largely unchanged.  Hawksmoor Manchester has remained a vibrant, enjoyable restaurant ever since.

We will be in touch with everyone who has a reservation to check what they want to do, and to let them know about the new rules.  We will do so for new bookings at the point of reservation, confirmation and, if necessary, on arrival at Hawksmoor. We will do everything to remind people of their responsibilities (for example, the whole Arsenal or Tottenham first XI walk in then I think we have reasonable grounds for suspicion … in cases where there is a reasonable doubt please don’t be offended if we ask).

It seems the government is increasingly making a distinction between venues where you can sit and enjoy a meal and those where you are likely to go just for a few drinks.  Whatever you think about that, we believe it corroborates our view that Hawksmoor is a safe place to spend time, and that short of a national lockdown we all need somewhere where we can enjoy a couple of hours away from the craziness of the situation outside.

We have done a great deal to become Covid-secure. You can read about that here or read the government’s case study of Hawksmoor as a model Covid-secure restaurant here, but the burden of overcoming this crisis falls to us all – to government, businesses and individuals. 

We look forward to seeing you in Hawksmoor soon, whenever that moment comes, and if any of you feel that Hawksmoor is no longer possible for you please keep an eye out for the latest Hawksmoor at Home news … there is more on that coming soon.