Reopening Restaurants

29th June 2020

After the sadness of shutting all our restaurants down, and the strangely busy purgatory of the last few months, we could not be more excited to be opening our restaurants again or to tell you about our tentative steps to try and bring Hawksmoor into your homes wherever you are in the UK.

Our restaurants will open in the following order:

Borough – Thursday 9th July | bookings now live
Manchester – Thursday 16th July | bookings now live
Seven Dials – Tuesday 21st July | bookings now live
Spitalfields – Friday 24th July | bookings now live
Air Street – Thursday 30th July | bookings now live
Edinburgh – Thursday 6th August | bookings now live
Knightsbridge – Thursday 3rd September | bookings now live
Guildhall – Monday 14th September | bookings now live

We’ll open Borough on the 9th for weekday dinners and all day at the weekend (unfortunately with the lack of confirmation around the date the 4th came a little too soon for us!) and learn as much as we can about how to run restaurants brilliantly under the new guidelines.

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We will be open for dinner Monday-Friday and lunch and dinner at weekends
We’re currently only accepting online reservations
All reservations are subject to availability
Largest table size 8 people

Then we’ll give Manchester its own full week of attention, get most of the rest of the London restaurants open, and then give Edinburgh our full focus.  Finally, Guildhall will open at the same time as the City hopefully comes back to life after the August Bank Holiday.  We could perhaps do it quicker, but our very clear preference is to focus on doing it as well as possible.

Our intention is to work extremely hard behind the scenes to make everything as safe for our staff and customers as possible, so that when you come and sit in our restaurants everything will feel as normal as possible.  We are lucky to have restaurants where social distancing is relatively easy, to have been able to consult with government on the guidance over the last months, and to have the resources to ensure we go above and beyond that guidance in terms of cleaning, training and employing third parties to audit us as Covid-secure.

If you want to read more about those efforts you can look hereWe believe that customers are likely to want Hawksmoor to do what it has always done and offer people a haven from the outside world, where you can be comfortable with the people you’re eating and drinking with.  If we learn differently we will adapt.

So, from today Hawksmoor Borough bookings are now live.  As we will have reduced capacity and will not be open Monday- Friday lunchtime it is possible that those reservations slots may fill up quickly.  Do not panic!  We will be releasing bookings for the other restaurants a week before each one opens.

If you do miss out we’ve held back one table for 4 at Hawksmoor Borough on the very first evening, Thursday 9th July at 8pm.  We’ve placed this on a special online auction that we have helped to organise, called Today’s Special, which is raising money to help feed some of the world’s most vulnerable people as well as those most in need in hospitality. Go big with your ordering, everything will be on the house, and we’ll even pick a bottle for your table based on the winning bid, so if it goes ‘big’ we will dust off a super special bottle to thank you for your generous support of such a good cause – you can bid on our prize HERE. We’ll be telling you more about Today’s Special in a one-off email tomorrow…we have a very special Hawksmoor ‘lot’ lined up for the live auction as well, which is taking place on Wednesday 1st July on Zoom at 8pm, hosted by Andi Oliver, Oliver Peyton and comedian Tom Allen: go to now to book a spot.

We can’t wait to see you for a Shaky Pete, some steak and a glass of wine and maybe a cheeky sticky toffee pudding incredibly soon.