September update – 2/3 courses for £20/£23

1st September 2020

We won’t be extending the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.  A time is coming soon when restaurants have to stand on their own two feet – without government help and with the conviction that their normal prices are the right ones.

For Hawksmoor we want that time to be now.

We want to be able to run our restaurants with confidence that the 14 years we have spent endlessly obsessing about our food, our restaurants and about the people who work in them mean that we can open our doors every day and feel proud that we’re doing things properly.  That if we put everything into standards and service, if we continue to work closely with our amazing farmers, fishermen, wine makers, brewers and other suppliers, that Hawksmoor will work on its own terms.

Of course, we have always tried to run our restaurants in such a way that people can enjoy them without breaking the bank.  We will still have £5 corkage on a Monday, we’ll still have Sunday roasts for £23 and we’ll still have an express menu, and as we have a lower VAT rate we’re going to reduce that to £20 for two courses. Eating for less at Hawksmoor has always been possible and now shouldn’t be any different.

Within the next fortnight or so, as we open Hawksmoor Knightsbridge and Guildhall, we will have all our restaurants open again.  That is something we’ve been dreaming of since March.  We’ve been overwhelmed with your support and positive feedback since then, and we hope that you’ll continue to visit us over the next few months and we will try to do what we have always done – provide a beautiful environment where you can eat, drink and, most of all, be happy.