Shaky Pete Vs Steady Pete

Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew is already legendary of course … Cocktail historian Jared Brown has hailed it as one of the best modern classics of the last 10 years and this turbo-shandy for the discerning drinker now crops up on lists across the land (the sincerest form of flattery?). Shaky Pete himself is now living in Australia, and his wildest heavy-drinking days are behind him. In his honour we’ve also created Steady Pete’s Ginger Brew, a temperate take made with Ceder’s ‘gin’ blended with ginger and lemon, topped with the finest (almost) alcohol-free ale we’ve ever tasted. Long, refreshing, guilt-free, very ‘Dry January’ and a perfect ‘decoy drink’ – when you don’t want your mates to know you’re abstaining.

50p from each one served goes to Action Against Hunger. For more information check out Action Against Hunger.