The Big Matt Burger’s Last Stand At The Lowback Bar

In truth, we’ve always had a soft spot for Maccy D’s.

Founders Huw and Will first bonded over breakfast McMuffins while waiting for the school bus. Then, in the early days of Hawksmoor, they travelled to Golden Arches HQ in Des Plaines, Illinois for some first-hand inspiration. What did they learn?

A commitment to consistency: not for flawless repetition, but to a minimum standard and common goals; building a loyal following – they’re pretty good at that; and an obsession with the details others miss, like getting the fries just right.

Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that the Big Matt burger was created. But what started as a wry tribute to a classic has accidentally become a bit of a cult hit. One burger reviewer – yes, they exist – scored it 97 out of 100.

Anatomy Of The Big Matt Burger

Two, dry-aged beef patties, Hawksmoor special sauce, Sparkenhoe red Leicester cheese, shredded lettuce, onions and homemade pickles. Beef dripping fries on the side. “Premium. Aesthetically pleasing. Adventurous yet recognisable.” Not our words.

But Michelin-trained Matt (our group executive chef) remains less than impressed: “If I die and this is the thing that I’m remembered for…” Like Sinead O’Connor, he made a classic his own – but it’s not his proudest achievement. Maybe that’s why you can only find it in one place: The Lowback Bar, our waterside drinking den under Hawksmoor Wood Wharf.

The Lowback is our most ambitious bar yet: a passion project to see what would happen if we took all the elements of a Hawksmoor bar – from restaurant-quality food to a great sound system – and raised them up to the next level.

The Big Matt is joined by our dry-aged steaks and some big hitters from Hawksmoor New York, including the reuben-inspired salt beef nuggets. There are some newbies of note, too: fried chicken with habanero vinegar and kimchi slaw; and the scampi po’ boy with Scottish langoustines.

Cocktail Hour(s) At The Lowback Bar

For our head of bars, Liam Davy, one cocktail hour wasn’t enough. Duly, the Lowback Bar has three. From 4 pm till 7 pm, you can try innovative creations found nowhere else. Our guest cocktail programme features lesser-known distillers that our team admire, with new drinks introduced every four weeks.

But Why’s It Called The Lowback?

Before the banks claimed this corner of the capital, Canary Wharf was awash with ships sailing in from all corners of the globe. Amidst it all, there was a vehicle that helped to launch boats onto the Thames. It was called a Lowback car.

It literally ‘pushed the boat out’. And that’s what we’ve tried to do, too. Start with the Golden Age of Travel, add a dash of Manhattan chic and garnish with some ocean-liner class. That’s @thelowbackbar. As Hot Dinners kindly said: “It’s Hawksmoor with a wow factor – there’s nothing else like it in town.”

Join us at The Lowback Bar in Canary Wharf and try Matt’s least favourite burger. Nothing compares to it.