The Christmas Burger is back again – 2019

The Hawksmoor Christmas Burger is back. Tell a friend.

Ok, we may not be as good at spittin’ rhymes as Slim Shady, but we do make the finest festive burger this side of Lapland, and it’s back for the festive season at Spitalfields Bar until 24th of December.

In the words of Time Out:

“The epitome of a good Christmas dinner in a bun. It’s like an iPhone. It has everything you want in a compact format you can hold. Two burgers (one turkey and one pork patty) with crispy bacon, sprout tops, spiced cranberry ketchup and a slice of Ogleshield. Sound good? It doesn’t stop there. Round it off with a pot of turkey gravy to messily dip the whole thing in and you’ve got a Christmas hit that’s bigger than Wizzard”.

£14 on its own £18 with chips or salad.

I’m the Hawksmoor Christmas Burger, yes I’m the Christmas Burger
All you other Christmas Burgers are just imitating
So won’t the real Christmas Burger please stand up
Please stand up, please stand up?