Cooks’ Room X Bloodshot Supper Club


Sunday, 4th June 9:30pm


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Cooks’ Room X Bloodshot Supper Club£75.00

Bloodshot Supper Club is an event like no other for the London restaurant industry. Formulated from an initial discussion between Robin Gill and Nuno Mendes (Chiltern Firehouse), over lunch at The Dairy, the two chefs agreed that for a capital city with London’s reputation, there was something lacking when it came to choice for the hardworking restaurant and food industry employees. Robin cooked up a plan to create a unique event especially for hard working industry folk, a chance to have fun after the weekend rush, and to enjoy great food and wine. And so, The Dairy began to host the Bloodshot Supper Club. A multiple course dinner cooked by the talented chefs at The Dairy team & a guest chef starting after evening service and carrying on until the early hours. The chefs cook whatever they wish with no rules and complete creative freedom; effectively it’s cooks, cooking for cooks! The pressure is on and the standards are high. The Bloodshot Supper Club is simply about chefs cooking, eating and sharing ideas.

And now, for one night only Robin Gill will bring the Bloodshot Supper Club to the Cooks’ Room at Hawksmoor Borough on Sunday 4th June as part of London Food Month. Tickets are £75 and include cocktails and snacks, and a five course menu with wine and beers. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Action Against Hunger and their #UniteAgainstFamine appeal.