Snowden Vineyards USA


Thursday, 11th May 6:30pm - 11:00pm


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Currently, there are 14 "Diana Seysses – Snowden Vineyards USA" (£120.00) available for purchase.
Diana Seysses – Snowden Vineyards USA£120.00

Diana Snowden Seysses shepherds grapes to glass with the goal of celebrating the character of our unique site and the seasonal variations of each vintage. Her winemaking approach emphasizes extreme care but is as “non-invasive” as possible. She ferments all of our wines with native or “wild” yeasts; she does not add enzymes to dissolve the skins; nor does she chaptalize; or “bleed” the must; or “cook” the must to force extraction; we press out our wines when they have fermented dry, rather than continuing to macerate on the skins and seeds for long periods; we don’t “spin” or centrifuge our wines; or sterile filter; or “flash oak”; or reverse osmose; or leave residual sugar at the end of fermentation; or add sugar back after fermentation is complete.

Four course bespoke menu (plus welcome aperitif):

Fillet carpaccio, porcini, parmesan
Salcombe crab, bitter leaves, crisp pork skin
Whole side of rare breed beef
A selection of British cheeses