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Published on the 13th October 2011 and co-authored by Huw Gott and Will Beckett, owners of Hawksmoor, alongside their head chef, Richard Turner, Hawksmoor at Home is an essential book for all meat lovers. Beautifully photographed by Dan Lepard (Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Italy) and designed by David Eldridge (Yottam Ottolenghi’s Plenty), Hawksmoor at Home is priced at £25 and published by Preface, an imprint of Random House.

We wanted to do something more than just a recipe book. Huw and I spend a lot of our time with our noses in books reading about food, restaurants, local history and we wanted that to come across in the book and for it to be readable as well as practical.  We’ve poured an incredible amount of time into this, at least as much as we would into a new opening, and we really hope people enjoy it as much as they have the restaurants.’ Will Beckett 

The book is an extended love letter to beef as Huw and Will describe how their extensive search for the best steak led them to farms and restaurants across Japan and America, ending much closer to home, in North Yorkshire where Tim Wilson breeds Longhorn cattle, the only beef ever used at Hawksmoor. From finding the right breed to aging, the book explains and illustrates different cuts alongside historical references and anecdotes including stories of the first steakhouse, the Royal Beefsteak Dinner at the site of Hawksmoor Seven Dials in 1806 and history of the original Beefsteak Society founded in the eighteenth century. Closer to our time, science of steak takes in flavour chemistry and the all important umami flavour to explain why eating steak makes us happy.

Above all, Hawksmoor at Home is a practical cookbook with over a hundred recipes including roasts, the restaurant’s famous burgers (burger buns and kimchi recipes included), Tamworth Belly Ribs and sauces such as Hawksmoor Ketchup. There is also an extensive Seafood chapter with practical guides and recipes including Lobster Roll and several ways with oysters, while the Brunch chapter shows how to make Hawksmoor sausages to use in the Sausage and Egg HkMuffin. Rounding off the ‘eating’ side of the book, chapters on Cheese, featuring Hawksmoor’s favourite regional British varieties and what to do with them, and Puddings, with history of sweet puddings and a mix of traditional recipes: Queen of Puddings, Manchester Tart and Blancmange, and modern, such as Peanut Shortbread with Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Cocktails have always been an integral part of the Hawksmoor experience and form a substantial chapter in the book with a history of punches, anti-fogmatics, origins of Bloody Marys, evolution of the Martini, glossary and recipes for homemade syrups and bitters. Finally, the book ends with a chapter on wine, giving advice on how to choose and decant wine and offering tips on matching wine with beef and seafood.

Will, Huw and Richard have had an enormous amount of help in putting this book together not least from Will’s mother, Fiona Beckett (author of numerous books on food and wine), from Hawksmoor staff Carla Henriques and Pete Jeary and Twitter and blogosphere royalty Signe Johansen, Ellie Curshen, Dan Vaux-Nobes and Cherry Hasset. Hawksmoor at Home will be available from all good bookshops and online. Will and Huw will donate all their profits of the sales to Action Against Hunger, a charity the restaurant has supported for a number of years.

ISBN 978184893355

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