Hawksmoor at Home

£120.00 - serves 2 people and includes nationwide delivery


Order deadlines:
England – every Wednesday by 5pm for delivery on Friday the same week
Scotland, Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland –
every Tuesday by 6pm for delivery on Friday the same week

If there is a Friday that is not showing, this means that week has sold out.

The first exclusive Hawksmoor at Home experience is here. The star of the show is a properly dry-aged giant Porterhouse for 2, from the same traditional breed grass-fed beef served in our restaurants.  Along with everything you need to make bone marrow gravy and beef-dripping potatoes. To get you in the mood? A specially created bottle of Hawksmoor Ultimate Martini you just need to stick in the freezer for a couple of hours, no shaking, no stirring, the perfect martini every time. There’s also a bottle of our most popular wine, an amazingly steak-loving Malbec from the mountains of Mendoza, and a couple of Hawksmoor lagers to offset the fierce heat of the barbecue.

We are starting slowly with one epic Hawksmoor at Home box, and if it’s successful we will expand the range and the available volumes.

Please note ingredients should be consumed within 2 or 3 days of delivery date and are not suitable for home freezing.

The box serves two very hungry (and thirsty) people:

Hawksmoor Cookbook– everything needed to recreate the experience at home
35-day dry-aged Porterhouse steak
Maldon sea salt
Bone marrow & Madeira jus (for making bone marrow gravy)
Koffmann potatoes & Hawksmoor beef dripping
British tenderstem broccoli & Gentlemen’s relish
Hawksmoor blend Pulenta malbec
Hawksmoor Ultimate Dry Martini
Hawksmoor lager

We have very limited numbers available so are only allowing one box per customer.

“According to Hawksmoor, their stunning “At Home” box serves two people. If those two people are Mr Creosote and his slightly greedier brother, maybe. That is certainly not a criticism.” GQ, July 2020

“everything you need to have a first-class steak dinner” Hot Dinners, July 2020