The Grub Club

Formed in 2014 by (the right ‘honourable) Mr Philip Ellis esq., the MOBB (Making Our Business Better) team decided to partake in a regular fine dining experience. Seeking to align a dispirit group of social misfits to achieve a common purpose, it sought to both cultivate and enrich both their palettes and their lives… Thus was born into existence “The Grub Club”.

Over the years, the extensive sampling of various dining experiences has led to “L’amour du Bœuf” establishing itself as the primary concern for the members. Similarly, as palettes sprung into a new life through exquisite flavouring’s, “The Grub Club” members raised expectations on quality and atmosphere as foundations of success.

Following an intense Martini Espresso fuelled discussion, “The Grub Club” bar was unilaterally benchmarked against the more superior of their dining encounters, and a new challenge created: “To visit every Hawksmoor Restaurant”.

Today “The Grub Club” remain together and in existence, as strong as ever – fundamentally in the pursuit of quality & fining dining ….this is still the challenge … until such a time as all members have eaten at each Hawksmoor restaurant.