Steakboyz mission is simple – to sample the best steak they can find in town. At the end of the month they venture into the city for a night of indulgence; they call it Steak Night.

Steak Nights are monthly gatherings of old friends.  Pretty average guys, but well-travelled to know the difference between a chuck steak and a superb cut of hanger meat. One of the lads nominates himself as “host”, and selects the establishment that will entertain them for the evening. Choose a gem – and be the man of the moment. Pick a dud; and bear the brunt of the inebriated.

Nothing too complicated about their patented rating system; though the volume of red wine is often directly proportional to the reviews the next day. Their review criteria are scored by examining and ranking key (weighted) attributes to produce an overall score.
They are not “professional” food critics; so no pretentious foodie patter from them.

They’re also not restaurant industry insiders, so no special or solicited reservations either – the Steakboyz will always bring you trusted reviews and ratings.

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