The Brotherhood of Beef

Due to the popularity of the steak as the gentlemen’s choice of dinner and the particular passion of one man, 2014 saw the formation of a new Beefsteak club.

The Brotherhood of Beef started as the brain child of its First President. Originally hailing from Ireland, but having made London his home, he had a singular and determined passion for a prepared and seasoned steak.

After discussing with some friends and colleagues, he discovered that he was not alone in his interest and after doing some research into the Victorian period’s beefsteak clubs decided that this was something he wanted to re-introduce to London society. Coupled with a will to see his vision of a new and enduring beefsteak club realised he began the task of forming this new brotherhood.

Together with a trusted associate, they set down the principles of the newly formed Brotherhood of Beef and began the process of identifying members for the inaugural sitting.

An informal ‘pre-sitting’ with appropriate candidates was held on Monday7th of April 2014 and the first formal sitting of the brotherhood occurred on Thursday 3rd of July 2014.

The Principles of the Brotherhood:

–          During a sitting of the brotherhood, members are to conduct themselves with dignity and good humour at all times. Outside of a sitting, a brother may be cantankerous, lecherous, violent and base in their day to day affairs, but during a sitting of the brotherhood they will act with the appropriate decorum as enforced by their brothers.

–          If topics of discussion during a sitting of the brotherhood must be discussed outside of a sitting, they can only be discussed with a confirmed member of the brotherhood and no one else.

–          This brotherhood meets during the first week of every 3rd month of a year (4 times a year). A confirmed member is expected to attend each sitting of the brotherhood. The brotherhood takes precedence over other social commitments and a vacant seat will only be tolerated under exceptional circumstances as judged by the brotherhood.