We talk about meat a lot. 

Beef is our brave protagonist; steaks our superstars. And yet, over the years, we’ve become almost as well known for our legendary side dishes. The unsung heroes that satisfy the table.

If we ever decide to create a Hawksmoor side-dish Hall of Fame – now there’s an idea – the first to be inducted will probably be our macaroni and cheese.  No matter what, one thing is for sure: beyond delicousness, it must have a looooooong cheese pull. We serve ours in a cast iron skillet to keep it extra hot so the cheese stays melted for longer. This makes for a creamy taste, velvety texture and helps to ensure you can capture the pull whenever you’re ready.  

Other big hitters include our beef fat fries. Like Lucy and Ethel. Abbot and Castello. Bert and Ernie, these dynamic duos have withstood the test of time…similar to steak and fries. And we cook ours in beef fat. The science is complex, but solid fats like tallow have a higher heat capacity, so they remove the water of  the potato better and give it a super-crispy skin. They’re also less ‘greasy’. And that’s why we insist on cooking our fries with what we’ve always known as ‘beef dripping’. Seasoned with salt and lightly misted with malt vinegar. Perfection. 

Our sides have been as carefully thought out as our mains, always using locally (and responsibly) sourced produce.