Hawksmoor at Home

We want Hawksmoor at Home to be as good an experience as coming to the restaurants. As a result we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that it is much more than the usual home delivery service.

Hawksmoor at Home Steak & Cocktail Boxes

A steak kit experience that incorporates the best of Hawksmoor for a three-course feast at home, complete with cooking instructions and videos. Regularly changing boxes are available with and without alcohol, as well as a range of pre-mixed cocktails. Delivered anywhere in mainland Great Britain.

National delivery

Hawksmoor at Home London

From our Hawksmoor at Home Local menu you can create your own personal Hawksmoor feast to be delivered within a 5 mile radius from Hawksmoor Air Street. Apart from steaks and roasting joints which we’ll guide you to cook from scratch, all the hard work’s been done for you, you just need to give the fully-prepped dishes a final heat-through on the stove or a blast in the oven. Slots are released one week in advance.

London delivery