Hawksmoor steaks

Ever since opening our first restaurant in London, back in 2006, we’ve been committed to serving the best all-natural pasture-reared beef steak.

We only open restaurants in destinations with world-class cattle nearby and our places in New York and Chicago are certainly no exception.

All the beef we source and serve in the US comes from community-focused farmers who genuinely care for their herds and the land they graze on.

beef sourced in the US
Cattle fed on a striclty vegetarian diet

It’s a happy accident that the best beef comes from stress-free, long-living cattle who’ve been raised on a strictly vegetarian diet (without antibiotics or added hormones).

Animal welfare and quality have been our focus and are things that we won’t compromise on.

Our beef is then always butchered by hand and dry-aged for 28 days (gaining flavor). We then cook it simply over screaming-hot charcoal and add nothing but Maldon sea salt.

BEEF + SALT + HEAT. When it’s as simple as that, the beef has to be the very best.

Hawksmoor Prime Rib steaks
Prime Rib