"The Hawksmoor have some of the best barmen in the world in their meaty hands, and as great as those steak are, one should never neglect their cocktails."
"There aren’t many steakhouse that you’d visit purely for its drinks list, but Hawksmoor does booze as impressively as beef." Square Meal
"Best Bloody Mary in London." Square Meal
"One of the best bars in London." Time Out
"The bar would keep any cocktail fan in bliss for hours." The Independent
"A partly historical, partly modern, all sensational cocktail list that will surprise even the most seasoned barfly." Time Out
"An evolved cocktail list brings a little glamour to the meat and potatoes." The Guardian
"This excellent cocktail bar and restaurant is simple, classic and timeless." Time Out
"The seriously good drinks are meticulously researched, spectacularly delivered, and packed with lovingly sourced ingredients." Class Magazine
"Best Drinks Selection in the UK." Theme Magazine Award
"Hawksmoor is now offering the best cocktails in London at the moment by some margin."
"Cocktails are exceptional here with Hawksmoor's nine page cocktail list required reading for the connoisseur."