sunday roast

British dishes don’t get more iconic than the Sunday Roast.

For many years the Sunday roast has been a Hawksmoor stalwart, twice voted as the Best Sunday Lunch in the UK.

It’s a real team effort in the kitchen and we take the whole thing awfully seriously.

A whole rump of 35-day dry-aged beef is super-slow cooked, first on real charcoal and finished in the oven. It’s then served alongside the much-loved trimmings: crispy beef dripping potatoes, buttered greens, carrots, fluffy yet crispy gigantic Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, all ready to be doused in our Bone marrow gravy.

Now, we’re breathing new life into Sundays by welcoming a new Sunday Feasting menu and sharing sides that dial the Hawksmoor Sunday Roast experience to eleven.

Sunday roast - sharing

“A truly incredible Sunday roast. Easy the best I’ve ever had, anywhere.”

cliff h.

What makes our food so good?

Our food’s good because the ingredients are good. Expect beef from grass-fed, traditionally reared cattle; sustainable British seafood; local cheeses; seasonal fruits and vegetables — the sort of stuff that’s phenomenal as it is, before it even makes it to our kitchens.

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