Private Dining & Events

Time. Attention. Good taste. 

The three tenets of our private dining philosophy. 

Time, because we understand that the foundation of a special occasion is the act of slowing down. Especially when good food is involved. Just about every great literary mind in the Western canon has a quote on the importance of not rushing at the dinner table. And they’re right. At Hawksmoor, there’s always plenty of time.

Second is Attention – from us to you. Dedicated, knowledgeable and – most importantly – friendly staff who are happy to explain, reel off and regale as much or as little as you like, while ensuring that your birthday party, business lunch or any other special occasion runs smoother than the porcini hollandaise in our steak sandwiches.

And finally, good taste. Perhaps the most obvious, but no less important to mention. Grass-fed 35-day dry-aged beef from cows who’ve lived well. Seafood that’s genuinely sustainable. Veggies that are only ever seasonal, from suppliers we actually know. Our dedicated sharing menus cherry-pick the best of the above and gather them in a clear and complementary way, making your group dining experience frictionless.

Whether you’re organising a business meeting, birthday dinners, engagement parties or special occasions there are lots of group dining choices at Hawksmoor.

Download Sharing Menus package*

*Sample menus subject to change

*Sample menus subject to change

Please click below to find out specific information about private dining at each of our locations (exclusive hire of the restaurants and bars can also be arranged on request).


To book for a Private Dining event, please fill out the form below. Please specify any allergens or dietary needs (we can accommodate for any dietary requirements) when making your booking.