Great British beer and great British steaks at Hawksmoor

The London Hawksmoors offer a small selection of beers from our favourite London based breweries, Meantime in Greenwich and Kernel in Bermondsey. In Manchester, our beers & ales come from local breweries in the North West: Runaway and Buxton. Our ciders come from Cotswold brewery in Swindon, Oxfordshire.

Hawksmoor Lager

In a beautiful rural setting in the Cornish countryside (as far away as you can imagine from an East London railway arch) Eddie Lofthouse and his brewing team have set out to make beer that is both innovative and consistent but above all is always delicious. This lager, made specifically for Hawksmoor is designed to work both as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to your steak. It has a light and fresh hoppy character without too much bitterness and a delicately malty finish. We recommend putting a couple of your favourite beer glasses in the freezer half an hour before you are ready to drink for the authentic Hawksmoor beer experience.