“Best Place to Drink”
– Observer Food Monthly Awards

Hawksmoor – great steaks, great wine, great cocktails. Simple.

Through arduous wine-fuelled eating and drinking sessions (it’s a tough job running a steakhouse, but someone has to do it), we’ve chosen our favourite wines from obscure small producers and big name vineyards alike. Unsurprisingly, the focus is on wines that go as well as possible with steak. We’ve also found that different wines suit different cuts and different degrees of done-ness (or what the French more elegantly call cuisson).

Our wine managers in each restaurant have created award-winning wine lists, shaping each list to fit the restaurant, showcasing wines from all over the world.

If you’d rather bring your own, every Monday customers are welcome to bring special bottles from their own cellar or something cheap and cheerful from the local off-license for just a £5 corkage fee. Click the link for details on our Monday Wine Club, which also features winemaker dinners and other events.

Pulenta Malbec Hawksmoor Blend 2018, Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec is not the only grape variety that works well with steak but it may well be the best possible match. Possessing all of the attributes that you are looking for in a great steak wine; full tannins, delicate acidity and plenty of dark to stand up to the char on a perfectly cooked steak. The mountains of Mendoza are perfect growing conditions for this variety as the cool nights help keep the freshness in a grape that can be overly alcoholic and clumsy if grown in too much heat. We recommend opening the bottle half an hour before you are ready to serve and don’t be afraid to pop it in the fridge at the same time if it’s a particularly hot day.