We talk about meat a lot. 

Beef is our plucky protagonist; steaks are our superstars. And yet, over the years, we’ve become almost as well known for our sidekick side dishes. The unsung heroes that sate the table.

If we ever decide to create a Hawksmoor side-dish Hall of Fame – now there’s an idea – the first to be inducted will probably be our macaroni cheese. 

Incredibly stringy, with five cheeses in the recipe, it really hits the spot. Next? Probably our beef-dripping fries. The lasting crunch, the depth of flavour – they’re magic with any steak.

We have 15 or so small-dish heroes to choose from and they’ve all been as carefully thought out as our mains, always using locally (and responsibly) sourced produce.

What makes our food so good?

Our food’s good because the ingredients are good. Expect beef from grass-fed, traditionally reared cattle; sustainable British seafood; local cheeses; seasonal fruits and vegetables — the sort of stuff that’s phenomenal as it is, before it even makes it to our kitchens.

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