Action Against Hunger

We do as much as we can for Action Against Hunger – www.actionagainsthunger.org – who work to combat hunger around the world. They focus on acute malnutrition in the under 5’s, provide immediate relief in disaster zones and work hard to give communities the tools, training and support they need to become self sufficient. We are aware that we are privileged to work every day with food and drink and it feels right for us to support a charity that helps people access these things when they are most in need.

“Action Against Hunger is incredibly lucky to receive such amazing and loyal support from Hawksmoor. They have been very involved with our fundraising efforts for several years now and do an overwhelming amount for the organisation. Hawksmoor is also integral to helping raise awareness about the work we do and the team is exceptional at rallying support from the restaurant industry. They take a keen interest in all that we do and are always there to support us every step of the way. Hawksmoor is an incredibly valued supporter to Action Against Hunger and they really do make a difference to the life-saving work that we do.”

Jean-Michel Grand, Executive Director – Action Against Hunger UK