Orange Wine

What is orange wine?

What is orange wine? Wines made from oranges, obviously…? Well, no actually. Orange wine is made like a red wine, but from white grapes. Instead of discarding the precious skins after pressing, as is usual with white wine,  the wine is left in contact with them for days or sometimes months, or occasionally even longer. Who would think of doing something so wild? Well, although the term “orange wine” may only have been coined in 2004, humans have been fermenting grape juice for nearly 8,000 years and they have been making wine in this way the whole time. An ancient wine style that had until recently fallen off the radar, thanks to the natural wine movement orange wine is making its way back into the mainstream (albeit slowly, perhaps it’ll take another 8,000 years?).

It’s a truly tasty and interesting part of the wine world, with a whole range of styles and approaches. Some wines have a pale blush, some go all the way to deep amber. Big, bold and complex wines are created with the wine being in contact with the skins and such they make for wonderfully gastronomic wines. Try Sato Pinot Gris from New Zealand with Crab on Toast or the Brutal Chenin Blanc from South Africa with our charcoaled grilled Monkfish or throw Ageno’s La Stoppa from Italy in the ring with any of our Dry Aged Steaks.

Warning: Orange wine is NOT for the faint of heart and we will not be held accountable for any heads blown.