Private Dining – Borough

We offer a range of sharing menus (prepared in the main kitchen for both Private Dining Rooms) which feature classic Hawksmoor dishes. All of our menus feature the best British beef, sustainable British seafood & the freshest seasonal veg. Whilst we are well known for being a steakhouse we can of course accommodate guests with dietary requirements and allergies with an appropriate (& delicious!) menu.

Cocktail receptions are available on arrival, and our team can also suggest wine pairings that are tailored to your choice of menu.

Download Sharing Menus package*

*Sample menus subject to change

The Cooks’ Room (seating up to 22 people*) is a short walk from London Bridge and Borough Market. The space features a stunning open kitchen offering the most immersive private dining in the capital with chefs cooking our Beef feasting menu right in front of you and your guests.

Download Beef Feast Menu

*We can accommodate a minimum of 12 guests and a maximum of 22 guests. The room has a table that can seat 19 guests comfortably and 3 extra seats at the kitchen counter. Do note that these seats will need to be utilised if your group is over 19 guests.

Ready to book the Cook’s Room or want to check availability?

The Hop House is a tucked away area, adjacent to our main restaurant floor (and very usefully RIGHT next to the bar!). This fully curtained-off area* is bigger and brighter than our basement Cooks’ Room, it provides privacy while still experiencing a muted buzz from our dining room

*We can accommodate a minimum of 18 guests and a maximum of 24 guests.

To inquire about the Borough’s Cooks’ Room or the Hop House for a Private Dining event, please fill out the form below. Please specify any allergens or dietary needs when making your booking.

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