Non-alcoholic cocktails (What to drink when you’re not drinking)

Æcorn Spritz7.00
Æcorn Aperitifs Dry, Yuzu Soda.
Light, and dry as a feather. Æcorn is a non-alcoholic aperitif made from English verjus, herbs & spices.
Sour-Cherry America(no alc)7.00
Æcorn Aperitifs Bitter & Aromatic, cherry juice, soda.
Sour, bittersweet and complex. Made with our in-house preserved cherry juice.
Mother Mule7.00
Mother Root ginger, lime, soda water.
Mother Root is a delicious ginger drinking vinegar made in South London, it adds real complexity to this booze-free mule.
Earl Grey Iced Tea5.50
Made with leaves from the wonderful Rare Tea company. Light and delicate with plenty of bergamont.
Steady Pete's Ginger Brew7.00
Ceder's alcohol-free 'Gin', ginger, lemon, Thornbridge Big Easy.
Shaky Pete's more temperate cousin. Long, refreshing, guilt-free. (And a perfect 'decoy drink' - when you don't want your mates to know you're abstaining...).
Pineapple Soda5.00
A tart, tangy and refreshing home made soda