Sunday Roasts

"Best Sunday Lunch in the UK. There's no better place for classic roast beef with all the trimmings than this London steakhouse. They don't skimp on the creamy-tasting slabs of meat and the Yorkshire puddings are the size of dustbin lids." The Observer
"Easily one of the best roast beefs you can have in London. We now see why this place commands such a god-like status amongst carnivores. The meat is just incredible. The potatoes are also in a league of their own. Golden, crunchy, soft in the middle, perfectly salted, all the things any respectable potato should aspire to. The Yorkshire was bang on and the bone marrow and onion gravy was flawless."
"Now my Mum makes the best roast. Well, so I thought. Sorry Mum! This was absolutely kick-ass amazing."
"We enjoyed a properly British brunch that left us feeling divine. Our companion somewhat tearfully described the Roast Beef as the best he'd ever had in London. The meat is spectacular and their bone marrow & onion gravy is the perfect complement to their huge Yorkshires."