Sunday Roast

Traditionally, large joints of meat were roasted on a spit over an open fire. To achieve a similar flavour we start ours on real charcoal and finish them in the oven.

Slow roast rump24.00
Served with beef dripping roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, greens, roasted shallots & garlic and lashings of bone marrow & onion gravy
Sunday FeastingSee blackboard for cuts + 9.00 for all the trimmings
For 2 or more. Choose any of our blackboard sharing cuts and add the trimmings. Cuts most suitable for a Sunday-style feast are Prime Rib and Chateaubriand.

Sunday Sides

Hawksmoor Stuffing7.00
Other Sunday roasts come with a delicious stuffing. Why not Roast Beef? We’re rewriting the rule book with a decadent mix of bone marrow, onions, high-grade sausage and lots of fresh herbs.
Cauliflower cheese7.00

*Sunday Roasts guaranteed until 3.30pm

Please advise a member of staff if you have any food allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease,
or other dietary requirement so that we can provide you with ingredient information to make a safe choice.
Unfortunately, as allergens are present on site and some of our ingredients have ‘may contain’
warnings, we cannot guarantee menu items will be completely free from a specific allergen. Cheese may be unpasteurised.