Lunch Relaunched

Inspiration is everywhere: a Michelin 3* restaurant, a global fast-food chain, the streets of Vietnam, Renaissance Italy, childhood memories, futuristic fantasies.
The latest iteration of our new lunch menu is no different, drawing on 30s Geneva, Dickens’ England, and a Californian restaurant chain founder immortalised by the Beastie Boys.
As ever, our North Star is some of the best beef on the planet. 

They’re quicker out of the kitchen, more wallet-friendly, and unmistakably Hawksmoor.

Flat iron steak
Makes its Hawksmoor debut. Charcoal-grilled flatiron (a tender cut from the shoulder that’s named after Hawksmoor New York’s wedge-shaped neighbour, the Flat iron Building), served in the style of the hottest restaurant in 1930s Geneva: Café de Paris – served with beef dripping fries and a salad of watercress, shaved radishes and cornichons in a mustard dressing.  

Rump steak & chips
Beef dripping chips & steakhouse salad.

Shortrib au poivre
Steak au poivre wasn’t born in the 1960s, but that was its spiritual heyday. Back then, it was often flamed tableside by a tuxedoed waiter. Hawksmoor has swapped steak for shortrib, slow-cooked for 10 hours until meltingly tender, brushed in mustard, dipped in cracked pepper and coated in peppercorn sauce and served with buttery mash or our beef-dripping fries.  

Beefsteak pudding
‘In the whole catalogue of cookery, there is nothing I should like so much as a beefsteak pudding!’ exclaims a character in Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit. It might even have helped its cook, Ruth Pinch, land a husband. Hawksmoor has swapped steak for braised short rib and added red wine and Somerset Cider Brandy before mixing with winter vegetables and steaming in a traditional suet pastry crust.   

Roasted hake
Roasted over charcoal and served with slow-cooked peppers with onion, garlic, thyme and olive oil and finished with fresh basil leaves.