Sticky toffee pudding9.00
clotted cream
Peanut butter shortbread8.00
salted caramel ice cream, Original Beans chocolate
Hot chocolate tart8.00
brown butter ice cream
Pear & chestnut financier8.50
mascapone ice cream
Pineapple upside-down financier7.50
coconut and malibu ice cream
Berry pavlova7.50
cassis berries, berry sorbet, vanilla yoghurt cream


Sticky toffee sundae8.00
Clotted cream ice cream, sticky toffee sponge, toffee sauce
Ice-cream scoops4.00
Salted caramel, Clotted cream, Brown butter, Rum and raisin, Coconut and malibu
Sorbet scoops4.00
Lemon, Summer berry


Salted caramel rolos6.00
A Box of Eight to take away12.00


A Selection of I.J. Mellis Cheeses4.00 each
Cheese may be unpasteurised, please ask for more details.