Hawksmoor Lager 4.2%6.25
After the Great Fire, our namesake Nicholas Hawksmoor wanted to rebuild London as “...the most August town in the world”. If you’ve got a goal, make it a big one. We’ve tried to make the most August beer we could, working with our friends at Harbour Brewery in Cornwall.
August Town Pale Ale 4.2%6.00
Light, hoppy pale ale from Harbour Brewing Company in Cornwall.
Hawksmoor Session IPA 4.5%6.50
Bespoke sessionable ale from the legendary Thornbridge brewery in Yorkshire.
Partizan Dee Dee DDH Pale 5.5%7.50
A double dry hopped pale ale, with lots of tropical fruit, pine and citrus.
Solvay Society Superposition 3.7%8.00
A delicious session IPA/Witbier hybrid. Fruity and citrus but with a nice peppery Belgian finish. Perfectly smashable.
Kernel IPA 6%7.00
From our friends over in Bermondsey. This upfront and hoppy IPA uses exciting and varying hops throughout the year, making for a different taste profile each time! Usually a little stronger than our usual IPAs at 6-7.3%.
Overworks Cosmic Raspberry 4.5%6.85
Oak aged and sour brewed, intensely red and packed full of raspberries.6.00
Tiny Rebel CWTCH 4.6%
Welsh red ale, citrus, tropical fruit and caramel notes.
Thornbridge Market Porter 4.5%6.00
Smooth and creamy, roasted coffee and chocolate notes.
Thornbridge Big Easy 0.5%5.00
The best and most flavoursome low alcohol beer around.
Sanford Orchards 4.2%6.50
A refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives the orchards their distinctive quality.6.50