Lunch & Dinner


Roasted with bone marrow11.50/23
Scotch bonnet mignonette10.75/21.50


Roasted scallops19.00
white port & garlic butter
Hawksmoor smoked salmon15.00
soda bread
Potted beef & bacon10.00
Yorkshires & onion gravy
Fillet carpaccio15.00
pickled mushrooms, parmesan
Bone marrow with onions11.00
sourdough toast
Old Spot belly ribs14.00
vinegar slaw
Smoked mackerel salad9.00
new potatoes, watercess, horseradish
Hawksmoor Caesar9.00/13.00
Cantabrian anchovies
Bitter leaf salad10.50
Devon blue & candied pecans
Spring vegetable salad9.50/17.5
asparagus, peas, broad beans, cashew ricotta
Half native lobster9.20/100g
with garlic butter

Large Cuts

These steaks are priced per 100g and are dependent on what we have in stock. They are big and don’t generally come any smaller than 500g. Good if you’re hungry or for two to share.

Bone-in prime rib12.50/100g


Fillet (275g)39.00
Rib-eye (350g)38.00
Sirloin (350g)36.00
Rump (275g)24.00


Béarnaise, Peppercorn, Bone marrow gravy3.25 each
Anchovy hollandaise or Stichelton hollandaise3.25 each


Roasted hake19.00
vinegar peppers, fresh basil
Roasted herb-fed chicken18.00
garlic butter
Cast-iron fillet steak32.00
bone marrow & onions
Whole native lobster9.20/100g
with garlic butter
Winslade Wellington26.00
celeriac, oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, Winslade cheese
Hawksmoor burger16.00
served with beef dripping chips or salad
Salt-aged mountain lamb chop24.00/48.00
malt vinegar onions, fresh mint


Grilled bone marrow6.00
Maple bacon5.00
Two fried eggs3.00


Beef dripping chips6.00
Beef dripping fries6.00
Buttered Jersey Royals6.00
Garlic mushrooms5.50
Tunworth mash7.00
Mash & gravy6.00
Baked sweet potato5.00
Macaroni cheese7.00
Spinach, lemon & garlic7.00
Creamed spinach7.00
Buttered greens6.00
Hawksmoor Caesar6.00
English lettuce & herb salad5.00
Platsville Bakehouse sourdough4.00
with Longmans butter

Please advise a member of staff if you have any food allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease,
or other dietary requirement so that we can provide you with ingredient information to make a safe choice.
Unfortunately, as allergens are present on site and some of our ingredients have ‘may contain’
warnings, we cannot guarantee menu items will be completely free from a specific allergen. Cheese may be unpasteurised.