What does ‘no mandatory restrictions’ mean at Hawksmoor?

We want to make the promise of a more normal-feeling world as real as possible for you, while continuing to do all we can to minimise risk and ensure you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re with us.

When you arrive, you will no longer have to check in, wear masks or have your group size limited by the Rule of 6. However, if you’d like to wear a mask please do so, and if you’d like a table 1m+ from the next please call ahead and we will accomodate you wherever we can.

Behind the scenes we will be continuing key measures of what we believe has been a gold-standard response to running a restaurant during this pandemic, such as social distancing among staff, a minimu of twice-weekly testing, and our enhanced cleaning regime. While we won’t make wearing masks mandatory for staff, they will have the option to wear one, and they will all have one at all times in case a customer would feel more comfortable if they wore one. We have also given the choice over to our teams, so one or two restaurants may all be wearing masks for a short period of time if they would prefer to.

Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you’d rather your waiter wore a mask, either when booking or at any point while you’re with us.

We’re thrilled that we’re moving to a stage where we can give customers the best possible experience in our restaurants. In particular, to be able to welcome larger groups and help celebrate all those long-postponed occasions in true Hawksmoor fashion. We’ve been proud that we;ve been considered a ‘gold standard’ for running a restaurant during the Covid pandemic, and we will continue in that vein to ensure you can all have the best possible experience at Hawksmoor.