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Cocktail Classics Reimagined

After months of consoling ourselves through winter with dark spirits and rich, intentse cocktails, the first glimpse of sun brought with it an excuse for the teams, with our Head of Bars Liam Davy at the helm, to perfect the

Spring and summer season dishes now on the menu

Back in the ‘80s a farmer from Southminster, Essex called Geoff Thorogood told his son, Pip, that he wanted to try growing something a bit different. Together, they planted the farm’s first asparagus bed. Fast forward 40 years and Geoff’s

Rare Form #2 – How are you so handsome but so bald?

I’m glad you asked, person-who-is-in-no-way-a-friend-taking-the-piss.  I think the secret is steak, you see it’s a scientific fact that a meat-heavy diet releases natural hormones in male restaurateurs that makes them slightly more attractive.  If my post-graduate degree in, err, science